From HyperBIKES to SMART CITIES PROJECTS and everything in between where performance take a new level, with BIANCA ADVANCED INNOVATIONS every challenge starts with the same question. How can we do it better?

New concept / IDEAS
New concept / design
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Transformative innovation involves creating something entirely new, in contrast to incremental innovation, which focuses on improving existing products or processes. "For Bianca Advanced Innovations, building the future is a transformative process. It is not a matter of putting rockets on a man to make him fly, but of transforming him into a butterfly, into an eagle. In the cycling performance sector, TOOT RACING goes beyond the evolution of the product, the frame, the components. The development of the process, from the idea to the study of materials, to engineering, to production is aimed at optimizing what the man can give. The best way to enhance the performance of an engine is to give it the best chassis it can have".

Performance as a passion


The goal of optimizing performance is to create a product that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of its users, whether that means achieving faster lap times on the track, delivering a better user experience for consumers, or improving efficiency and reliability for industrial applications.


Sustainability with additive technologies involves designing and manufacturing products in a way that minimizes their environmental impact and maximizes their lifecycle efficiency. We use the most pionieristic advanced technologies but we are not driven by technologies. There is emotion in every aspect of our designs: creativity, intuition, inspiring better futures vision, genuine passion.


Design optimization: Additive technologies can be used to optimize the design of a product for sustainability, such as reducing weight, improving efficiency, and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources.


The balance between creativity and technology creates new and improved ways of living, working and playing. This can include everything from wearable technology to smart homes and cities that automate and optimize our daily routines. The same tools, techniques and methods used in developing racing components are applied to engineering challenges across land, sea and air at breakneck pace.


Our challenge addiction is fueled by a passion for innovation and pushing the limits of what is possible. Whether it is in the field of racing or in design and development, we are driven by a desire to constantly improve and find new solutions to complex problems.


Following the success of the THEFALCON project, the track bike made in SCALMALLOY® in additive manufacturing, designed by Romolo Stanco with the support of Bianca Advanced Innovations, TOOT RACING and T°RED BIKES, innovation in cycling does not stop. Project X2_ aims to bring 3D printing and transformative innovation to the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. At the SPS fair in Parma, the X23 SWANIGAMI prototype will be presented in a world preview on the HP ITALIA stand. Thanks to the partnership with the 3DPROTOLAB and COMPMECH of the University of Pavia, themodel of the real 1:1 scale prototype was achieved, ready for UCI homologation and the realization in Scalmalloy together with APWORKS for the Participation in the 2023 World Championships in Glasgow UK. HP's Jet Fusion technology has made it possible to quickly and with great precision create and verify different solutions from a functional, technical and aerodynamics point of view, allowing for the choice of the best solutions and reducing project development times.



The partnership started at the end of 2022 with the laboratories of the University of Pavia 3DPROTOLAB and COMPMECH has allowed the staff led by Romolo Stanco to develop new design paths both on the frame and the components and on the optimization of the athlete's position. The profound expertise of Prof. Gianluca Alaimo and Prof. Ferdinando Auricchio in the field of advanced materials and computational mechanics have made it possible to start a new path of "transformative innovation" codenamed X2_. BIANCA ADVANCED INNOVATIONS, 3D Protolab and Compmech UniPv bring their exceptional engineering, design, technology, simulation and manufacturing capabilities to develop innovative and disruptive solutions to any market sector with the same refinement used to make the fastest bikes in the world.

Romolo Stanco, founder and team leader of Bianca Advanced Innovations.


Human intelligence shapes technology

Bianca Advanced Innovations takes a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to product development, leveraging expertise across multiple engineering disciplines to deliver cutting-edge solutions. At the heart of Bianca Advanced Innovations approach is a commitment to excellence in all phases of the product development process. Prototype work is an essential step in the product development process, allowing the team to quickly and efficiently test and refine different design concepts. Bianca Advanced Innovations has a dedicated prototyping lab, equipped with the latest 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies, allowing the team to rapidly produce high-quality prototypes that accurately reflect the final product design. Additive manufacturing production is also a key component allowing the team to produce high-quality customized parts and components with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. This approach is particularly useful for producing complex, high-precision parts that may be difficult or impossible to produce using traditional manufacturing methods.