AUDI Innovative thinking

Romolo Stanco was born in 1972. After two years of studies in Physics, he graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with honors in Architecture. In 1998 he founded SmarritaCamilla Architectural Workshop, a complex exploration between architecture, design and research achieving concrete results of value recognized by the international press. He works on many architectural projects with a poetic search for the essential and in a continuous evolution that does not necessarily imply a minimal approach. “Love” is the basic ingredient of each of her projects: she crosses the traditional frontiers of design by contaminating them with art and new technologies. The “Chicago Tribune” defines her projects as “Design as art”, and Laura Traldi on the pages of “Curve” speaks of his works as “Design Magic”. After experiences in research centers such as the CNR (National Research Council) and the direction of the NuDe department of Politec Valtellina (Valtellina Innovation Center) he works together with RSE (Ricerca Sistema Energetico) on some revolutionary projects in the field of architecture, design and energy. He is one of the few designers “quoted” by Artnet for the limited editions of some works published by Galleria Colombari. Since 2012 he has been the creative director of the start- up innovative T°RED a laboratory of experimentation between design, architecture, mobility and research that works on proprietary projects together with laboratories, techno-craft and industrial realities of international level.Multiple times winner of international design and research competitions and awards, holds more than ten patents and has a genetic intolerance towards the term “impossible”.

I don’t believe in innovation as an intention: innovation is “a” result of experimentation, research, mistakes, paths towards a non-designated goal. Some “humans” have an innate desire to take a new path without looking back with recklessness and irreverence and to do so, today more than ever, together with those who believe they can be part of a possible, unimagined and surprising future in which ambition is to give shape to a dream, to make it real: the dream that tomorrow is not the same as today but only, as far as we can, really better.

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