ASHEETA is a cutting-edge track handlebar that has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies and engineering processes. It is the result of a partnership between BIANCA Advanced Innovations led by Romolo Stanco, and the CompMech@UniPV and 3D PROTOLAB led by Professor Ferdinando Auricchio and Professor Gianluca Alaimo at Università degli Studi di Pavia in Italy.


“The collaboration lead to the creation of a new research and development center for technology and sports performance inspired by the racing departments of Formula 1, MotoGP and motorsport.

Its name is TOOT RACING the racing department of TOOT Engineering”.

ASHEETA has been designed by @Romolo Stanco staff design with a focus on aerodynamics and performance, using advanced 3D body scanning and 3D printing metal additive manufacturing techniques.
The handlebar is shaped to minimize the body shape air resistance, reducing drag and helping track cyclists to achieve higher speeds with a performance position obtained thanks to the super-narrow design of the drop bar shaped to enhance performance.
To create ASHEETA, the team began by identifying the needs of pro cyclists in bunch races and studying the dynamics of cycling to understand the optimal position of the athlete and the optimal shape for the handlebar.
3D scanning technology was used to create a digital model of athlete with different handlebar design, which was refined using cutting-edge CFD engineering processes and simulations in virtual wind tunnel to optimize its performance.
Once the design was finalized, the handlebar was made using metal additive manufacturing, which involves building up the handlebar layer by layer using an SLM 3D printer. This technique allows for highly precise and complex shapes to be created, resulting in a handlebar that is both lightweight and incredibly strong.


“The 316L steel ASHEETA has bending and torsional stiffness parameters unrivaled on the market: lowering of 1.42mm with a load of 312N applied perpendicularly to the end of the handlebar. ASHEETA 3D is 3D printed in 316L stainless steel and can boast a stiffness of 381N/mm more than 45% stiffer than the titanium one”.



The result of this process is a disruptive and performance-obsessed product that offers cyclists a significant advantage in their pursuit of victory.

ASHEETA handlebar has been rigorously tested and refined through extensive on-track testing, and is now available to cyclists looking to push the boundaries of their performance.