The Bianca Advanced Innovations design team is driven by an unyielding passion to transcend mere functional requirements, focusing instead on unparalleled customization and aesthetic harmony. They believe that a designed object doesn't always have to conform to industrial standards, where repetition and serial production are the norm. Leveraging digital technologies, each object can be imbued with its own distinctive character, ensuring exclusivity and individuality.


The lamp, now a part of an expansive collection of objects, is showcased in its prototype version, narrating the tale of its design evolution. Conceived and crafted by Romolo Stanco with the expert guidance of Stefano Besseghini, and developed by CNR-IENI of Lecco, it holds a prestigious place in the permanent exhibit of the Ars Electronica Center Museum in Linz, as well as the Museum of the Future. Fashioned as an embryonic and morpho-organic structure, the lamp hangs in a state of inertia, as if a dormant trunk incapable of bearing its own weight, at the mercy of gravity. Yet, upon illumination, it springs to life as if animated by a spark of vitality. Defying gravity, it gracefully ascends, illuminating its surroundings, and assuming a defined form. When illuminated, it remains steadfast, secure, seemingly suspended by an enigmatic force, weaving itself through the air. Conversely, when extinguished, it gently descends, yielding to its weight, returning to slumber until awakened anew. V/a.g.r.a. is crafted from silicone and entirely enveloped in a delicate latex sheath. Its movements are facilitated by a core composed of an ultra-thin NiTi (Nickel Titanium) wire, a shape memory alloy capable of recalling a predetermined shape when subjected to an electric current or heat.

Dynamic objects

Objects have the potential to breathe with life. Shape memory alloys serve as intelligent actuators, capable of instigating movement within objects. By embracing organic forms, new objects inherit a transformative quality in their functionality. Embrace dynamism over stagnation, and let your creations evolve with vitality.

Embedded technologies

Materials and technologies are not a way to express engineering virtuosity. For Bianca Advanced Innovations, innovation is a potential value for addressing contemporary needs in a different way. Integrating technology is not flaunting it but integrating it into objects to take them to a higher level

Design as art

The Chicago Tribune called Romolo Stanco's work "design as art" while Laura Traldi called it "design magic". Romolo Stanco's work has always been oriented towards unique results, not necessarily artistic or unrepeatable but driven by the obsession of conceiving and creating what does not exist.