That’s why when Romolo Stanco was asked to work on a project with Philips Lumiblade Oled, he focused on expressing the real potential of the technology behind it.
That’s how C7OLED was born:

  • 1 New lighting concept
  • 1 Continuous line, 4 millimeters thick, 88.5-cm overhang,
  • 2 Lumiblade OLEDs
  • 188 grams of carbon fibre,
  • 1 Base made from a solid marble block,
  • 1 Patent filed.

In other words, a new way of thinking the lamp by starting from the features of the source of light.

“There is no limit to the application of innovations in Bianca Labs. The aim is to always look further and revolutionize every object we look at”.

The lampʼs seemingly simple design belies its complexity, concealing the various parts found in a traditional lamp within a single element.
The structure, wiring, light source and functional ergonomic design are summed up in 4 mm of molded carbon fiber. 

“It is not a matter of a main structure with a light source applied but of thinking of light and its energy as part of the object”.

The lamp represents the quest for a technical and aesthetic balance that is far removed from the ostentation of hi-tech materials and components, while still permitting the creation of an object that it would otherwise be impossible to make. 

“C7OLED is the daughter of a technology that inseparably integrates the light source within the material. Thanks to applied experimentation it is possible to create an embedded object that merges its function within its shape and the material of which it is made”.