Beyond Conventions

Welcome to the realm of innovation without boundaries. At Bianca Advanced Innovations, we specialize in developing solutions that defy convention. One such breakthrough is our patented SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY ANTI VIBRATION SYSTEM (SMAAVS). Born not out of problem-solving, but from a visionary intuition, SMAAVS harnesses the unique properties of shape memory alloys to revolutionize performance across diverse applications. SMAAVS isn't just a product; it's a testament to our commitment to pushing the limits of what's possible. By seamlessly integrating shape memory alloy technology, we've unlocked a new realm of performance enhancement that transcends traditional approaches. Join us in reshaping industries and redefining possibilities with SMAAVS. Together, let's pioneer the future of innovation.

Parametric Design and In-House 3D Printing

Thanks to parametric design, components can be rapidly prototyped using our in-house 3D printing capabilities. This allows for the components to be tested on the simulator within a few hours, accelerating the development process and ensuring optimal performance.

Dynamic objects

Objects have the potential to breathe with life. Shape memory alloys serve as intelligent actuators, capable of instigating movement within objects. By embracing organic forms, new objects inherit a transformative quality in their functionality. Embrace dynamism over stagnation, and let your creations evolve with vitality.

Embedded technologies

Materials and technologies are not a way to express engineering virtuosity. For Bianca Advanced Innovations, innovation is a potential value for addressing contemporary needs in a different way. Integrating technology is not flaunting it but integrating it into objects to take them to a higher level

Design as art

The Chicago Tribune called Romolo Stanco's work "design as art" while Laura Traldi called it "design magic". Romolo Stanco's work has always been oriented towards unique results, not necessarily artistic or unrepeatable but driven by the obsession of conceiving and creating what does not exist.